Artisan of the Year 2019 – Mary Anne Donahue


    • Versatility is the hallmark of Lake Bluff based artist Mary Anne Donahue.  A never ending exploration of mediums is a constant in her work.
    •  An accomplished oil painter and jewelry maker, Mary Anne is currently engrossed in the world of mosaics.  “It is an art form that is easy to learn, yet difficult to master “,  she states.  “Each piece, each curve, each tessera represents a new, endlessly fascinating challenge.”


       Her work is quite detailed, with each piece taking many, many hours, if not weeks or months to complete.  She incorporates a multitude of varying components, including vintage china, stained glass, marble, shale and other stones, gems and bead weaving.

Mary Anne will at the Artisan Guild Fall Fair ‘off the Square‘ September 1-2 in Lake Forest.