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Barb Beckman

Artisan: Barb Beckman
Prairie Art Glass

“I’ve been working with glass for over 20 years and my background in architecture, building and drawing greatly influences my functional glasswork. I find glass to be an amazing material that moves and reflects light in countless ways such that a glass object can look very different depending on the how light is reflected, transmitted and refracted around and through the piece.

I use many different techniques in my glasswork including fusing, sandblasting, wire appliqu├ęs, soldering, inking and painting. I am fascinated by the metallic finishes in both iridescent and dichroic glass so I use them frequently in my work.

Please visit my website at and feel free to contact me at I welcome custom commissions. Due to color variations inherent in the nature of glass, each piece I create is a unique piece of art.”